Buyer Skillet 20cm.


Get our De Byer Mineral B series iron pans, made with the best iron on the market.

This material has many advantages:

– Its calorific value is immediate and long-lasting.

– By not carrying non-stick you can cook with all kinds of utensils, be it metal, nylon and / or silicone.

– When washing it you can scratch it as much as you want, leaving it new.

– It is suitable for all types of kitchens, including the induction cooker.

– Once you extinguish the fire or the glass ceramic, the food is still made, thanks to its conductive material.

– Save energy and money.

De Buyer iron pans carry the riveted handle, isolating a little from the heat of the pan and getting the handle fixed at all times, as it does not contain screws.

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Other features:

– Before using, wash the pan with a scouring pad, since it is waxed so that it does not rust during storage and transportation.

– Do not put in the dishwasher.

– While cooking, first touch the handle with caution so as not to burn.

– After washing dry it thoroughly with a cloth, pour a drop of oil and spread it with paper, so that it does not rust.

With these 3 basic tips, you can keep your De Buyer pan for a lifetime.