Pool Gre elevated square wooden Carra 300x300cm with shower gift



Wooden structure pool Gre Carra.

French wooden structure pool.

An economical alternative to the construction pools guaranteeing safety and durability, in addition, it fits perfectly to any location gardens, land, plots.

Square pool with high quality PVC liner, in French pine structure.

Equipped with sand filter with skimmer assembly, connection hoses, racoderia and silex sand. It also includes ladder made of stainless steel with 3 rungs and protective polyester blanket.

These pools are made of French wood structure of Scots pine, with autoclave IV treatment that guarantees the resistance of wood against insect attacks and rot.

With a guarantee of 10 years in the entire structure.

Refresh with the Gre pool range

Other features:

Main characteristics

High quality blue PVC liner 75/100
Stainless steel caps Stainless steel profiles
Sand treatment plant 12/8 / 4m³
Stainless steel ladder
Wooden stairs
Polyester protective blanket

78455E Carra 300 x 300cm, depth 119cm, 7.600L capacity, 1020Kg spread over 2 pallets