Set 2 Woll Diamante Lite 24 and 28cm pans


Immerse yourself in the Woll world with this new model of Diamante Lite pans, made entirely with the best German technology.

These Woll pans represent the future in the stoves, thanks to its great advantages:

– The Diamond Lite range is suitable for all types of kitchens including the induction cooker.

– They are frying pans with removable handles being very convenient storage.

– Dishwasher safe.

– Suitable for the oven removing the handle and used as a casserole.

– Its diamond base makes it possible to cook without oils and holding up to 4 times more heat than a traditional frying pan.

– You can cook with the greatest confidence for you and yours, thanks to the fact that all the materials contained in this Woll pan are free of PFOA.

– It will achieve surprising results, since it respects all the flavor and properties of food without allowing food to stick and ensuring an incredibly easy cleaning thanks to its unbeatable nonstick.

– Its diffusing base is 8mm. distributing heat equally and immediately throughout the pan, saving up to 33% energy.

– Once reached the desired degrees in the piece, we recommend turning off the fire, since the heat conductive material, keeps cooking food without spending energy.

– Can reach up to 260ºC.

– They are lighter than Woll pans of Titanium Induction.

Other features:

Recommendations for use and maintenance:


– To avoid damaging the nonstick: Never empty the empty part without any liquid inside.

– Never cool down suddenly. Avoid sudden temperature changes.

– Use the pan by heating it to 260ºC.


– We will only need to use a mild cleaning detergent or soap and a soft scrubber in case it is washed by hand.

– It is not necessary any special treat in the piece, being able to wash it in the dishwasher without problems.

– Avoid using metal utensils, for greater durability.


When we talk about induction cooking, we must take into account the following:

– For induction fires of up to 15cm, choose the 20cm frying pan.

– For induction fires of up to 18cm, choose the 24cm frying pan.

– For induction fires of up to 22cm, choose the 26cm, 28cm and / or 32cm frying pan.