Set 2 Woll induction titanium pans


Enjoy now with this set of Woll induction titanium pans that hardware has exclusively designed for you.

Their handles are removable and have an infinity of advantages.

The coating of these Woll pans is as follows:

– Cast aluminum base.

– First rough layer.

– Second layer entirely of titanium.

– Third layer of non-stick also with titanium particles.

The titanium pans are characterized by their resistance and their rapid distribution of heat throughout the pan alike.

All of them have a guarantee of 3 years for the coating, since they are high technology.

They are fully dishwasher safe and contain a removable handle to be able to be inserted as a tray or pan in the oven.

When storing, it is much more comfortable, since you can put one on top of another and the handles apart.

The Woll titanium pans are manufactured in Germany, going through the highest quality controls.

Its material makes it a sturdy, resistant pan with an extreme duration.

The range of Woll Induction pans is suitable for all types of kitchens including the induction cooker.

Discover the new way of cooking!

Other features:
Does not include cover.

Contains Woll 24cm pan. and Woll 28cm pan.