Castey Yellow Line Grill 40cm


The Yellow Line Castey Grill with Detachable Handle 40x25cm. It is defined by having a robust aluminum body and a diffuser bottom designed so that the food is cooked evenly.

It also facilitates a rapid expansion of heat and therefore greater efficiency and energy savings. The surface of this iron or grill stands out for its quality, strength and durability; because it is easy to clean; Food does not stick and because it is free of PFOA.

This model is compatible with all types of kitchens, except induction.

Its removable handle with a security fixing system makes functionality one of the features of this piece.

It is suitable for washing dishes and oven (without handle).

If you need more information about the most appropriate type of kitchen for the CASTEY YELLOW LINE Grill Collection, do not hesitate to contact us where a professional expert will help you choose the best option for your kitchen.

Other features:
Color Handle: Black
Measures: 40x25cm
Height: 5.9cm
Net Weight: 1.150Kg
Oven resistance: 230ºC