Bra tray tray Prior 40cm.


The Prior model Bra plate is made of cast aluminum and represents the future in the stoves, conceived to have the maximum robustness and great resistance to deformation.

It is designed for all types of kitchens, including the induction hob.

Being built in one piece, it is suitable for the oven, although its handles are made of silicone.

Its spectacular Teflon non-stick coating Platinum Plus is ideal for cooking meats, fish and / or grilled vegetables.

Its non-stick coating TEFLON® SELECT GOLD color of the highest quality and free of PFOA, gets amazing results,
since it respects all the flavor and properties of food without allowing food to stick and ensuring an incredibly easy cleaning.

Thanks to its design and structure, the Prior range manages to reach faster at high temperatures and is easily washable, therefore the energy and water consumption will be lower.

Enjoy cooking with Bra!

Other features:



Induction plates are faster and more powerful than other heat sources.
To avoid damaging the nonstick:
You should never heat the empty part, without any liquid inside.
Never cool suddenly.
Never use the maximum power of the plate since the piece can reach 300ºC, damaging it.


We will only need to use a mild cleaning detergent or soap for cleaning by hand or in the dishwasher.
The incorporation of non-stick coating both inside and outside of the cast aluminum piece ensures a quick and comfortable cleaning if the recommendations of use are followed during the useful life of the piece.


Use the plate in the average power, since products such as household oil boil at 180ºC and in normal use does not need a higher temperature.
Before using the piece for the first time, wash it, dry it, and then apply a light coat of oil on the inside surface to protect the nonstick.
Never use sharp tools inside the piece and avoid the use of metal scouring pads and abrasive powders.